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Professional Advisors Network
As a professional advisor, you have clients who care about the community. By working with JCF, you can help them fulfill their philanthropic goals while enjoying significant tax benefits.

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According to reports by Fidelity and the Institute for Preparing Heirs, 90 to 95% of offspring leave their parents’ advisors upon receiving their inheritance. Let’s work together to change that statistic.

Learn how to direct conversations about philanthropic goals and listen to your clients’ values and priorities. We can equip you with the techniques and tools you need to build stronger relationships with your clients and their next generation family members.

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JCF helps donors engage in thoughtful and impactful philanthropy with a unique focus on Jewish values and community.

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JCF offers seminars and other events for professional advisors.
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The following professionals have completed the 2018 Intergenerational Planning seminar.

  • Gary Botwinick, Einhorn Harris Attorneys at Law
  • Yuval Brokman, JP Morgan Private Bank
  • Lawrence Chodor, Wiss & Co.
  • Jerome A. Deener, Fox Rothchild Attorneys at Law
  • Michele K. Fine, JP Morgan Private Bank
  • Steven A. Fishman, Norwood Financial Group
  • Eugene Gorrin, Law Offices of Eugene Gorrin
  • Adam Grenker, Fox Rothchild Attorneys at Law
  • Meryl Hubscher, The Beinhaker Group
  • Michael Ipp, Raymond James Financial Services
  • Joshua Kramer, JP Morgan Private Bank
  • Scott Krieger, Friedman Accountants and Advisors
  • Robert G. Kuchner, Marks Paneth
  • Peter Langerman, Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Michael J. Lehman, The Lehman Eger Group
  • Benjamin Lehrhoff, Bernstein
  • Pavel Leokumovich, JP Morgan Private Bank
  • Yale J. Levey, Next Generation Wealth Planning
  • Mark B. Lewis, JP Morgan Private Bank
  • Jonathan L. Mann, The Mann Sullivan Group
  • Bruce Mantell, Mantell, Prince & Reynolds
  • Matt Masterson, RegentAtlantic
  • Philip Nydick, CFS Investment Advisory Services
  • Matthew Rheingold, Einhorn Harris Attorneys at Law
  • Julie D. Rosen, Witman Stadtmaur
  • Glenn D. Sacks , Marks Paneth
  • Brian Saltzman, Morgan Stanley
  • Adam Sandler, Einhorn Harris Attorneys at Law
  • Douglas Schwartz, Marks Paneth
  • Jonathan A. Schwartz, Baker & Bergman
  • Anita J. Siegel ,Siegel & Bergman
  • Shana Siegel, WanderPolo & Siegel
  • Jeff Smulevitz, Morgan Stanley
  • Derek Wittjohann, The Lehman Eger Group
  • Eugenia Yudanin, Orloff, Lowenbach, Stifelman & Siegel